Sunday, June 26, 2016

Where do you pray?

We were given the opportunity to attend a small women's prayer meeting. We weren't really sure what to expect, but Josue prepared a small message to share with them. Our bemo (kind of like a taxi) stopped in front of a mechanic shop, and Blas had to go talk to a guy to get him to open a gate. We went through the gate, down an alley, took several turns walking past all sorts of trash, went down another alley and came to a small little courtyard behind a few tiny buildings. We went into one that had a round building about 5 feet wide and maybe 15 feet long. That's where the ladies have been meeting!
What's extraordinary is that even though they are meeting in a rundown building in the middle of nowhere, they are so on fire for the Lord. They had an old, beat up, and out of tune guitar that they played, and they sang at the top of their lungs to the Lord with it! We could feel the Holy Spirit in that place and feel their hearts.
A few testimonies were shared and Josue got to share his message. They loved hearing him speak and said they hadn't had anyone teach the Bible the way he did. Regardless of everything working against them in this place, they are on fire for the Lord! 
Give thanks for them and for the Lord working in there lives. Pray that their fires would not be put out, but strengthened and that they would spread throughout the city!

-Alex, Josue, and Anderson (Embrace the Beyond)