Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Local Gathering

Recently, Charley, Allison, Des and I went a local gathering. Even though the service was conducted in the local language, we were able to enjoy the message because of English translation headphones that were provided. 

All four of us enjoyed singing "It Is Well" with our fellow believers. The children's choir was also there to perform one of their VBS songs!
After the service ended, we tried meeting up with someone who spoke English, and wound up being introduced to the translator.  She gave us a tour of the building, gave us the history of the fellowship, and shared her story with us. Please keep her in your prayers along with her unbelieving husband, and believing daughters.

Tomorrow, Charley and I will travel to BH with Des and Allison to begin meeting some local university students! To hear more about what we did this week, visit Tip of the Spear A's blog.

-Tip of the Spear B