Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ate Angeline

Our first day of ministry work we went house-to-house in our neighborhood. While we were sharing in one particular house we noticed a lady that made her way up to the window to listen. She eventually made her way into the house without saying a word. We finally got her name by the end of sharing The Bridge, but we weren't sure if she was interested in further study. We didn't know when we would see her again.

The next day we went for a follow-up Bible study at the same house from the day before, but she was unavailable. Therefore, we decided to play with the children out in the street. As we were playing, Ate Angeline, the lady from the window, came out from her home with tears in her eyes. She immediately came to us for comfort in the midst of a family crisis. Through our Filipino translator we were able to tell her that God is the great Comforter and He can bring peace through any circumstance. The more we talked with her the more her burden was lifted. She said she had peace in her heart - peace she had never experienced before. This led her to have more questions about the god we were sharing about. She wanted to know more, so we scheduled a Bible study with her the next day.

Two weeks later we are happy to report that Ate Angeline has received Christ, is having multiple Bible studies a week, and is praying for the salvation of her dearest loved ones. Her passion to share everything she has learned is infectious. She tells everyone she knows about Jesus whether they want to hear it or not, and she has started a Bible study with her children every night before they go to bed.

The transformation in Ate Angeline's life has amazed us. She constantly inspires us to be bold and continue sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
This coming week we will be sharing with her about being baptized. Please pray that she will continually be willing to follow the Lord in obedience. We are so excited about her life.

-Sara and Caroline