Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The end for us... but the beginning for so many more

Although our time in barangay #2 has been short, God has done so much work in so many lives. We received ten extra Bibles and we were able to give out all ten. Every day we have had Bible studies with a consistent number of people at each study. Several have come to understand salvation and what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ. Praise the Lord! 

We were invited by the Captian of the barangay to have a Bible study in her home with her family and neighbors. Praise the Lord for answered prayer- everyone has been so receptive of the truth of God’s word. 

On Sunday, we hosted a church service at the request of the individuals in our Bible studies. The service was held in the middle of the basketball court that is in the middle of the village. The Captian brought out a microphone and speaker for us to use… as a result, just about the whole village was able to hear the word of God regardless of if they were at the basketball court or not. 

Yesterday evening we held our last Bible study and covered the topic of baptism. At the end of the study, nine people asked to be baptized. It was so encouraging to watch as nine brothers and sisters followed Christ in baptism as the sun set over the river! We praise God for the work He is doing in so many lives in this village. We are sad to have to leave this barangay so soon, but we are trusting that God will still continue to work in the lives of His people. 

Please be in prayer that more Bibles can be delivered to this barangay as well as someone who can follow up with the newly established Bible studies and believers. We know that God’s work here is not finished and that the best is yet to come.

-Riverboat Team A