Monday, June 20, 2016

Hope for the Hopeless

The Kapitana of our barangay (village) has been so kind and dear to our hearts since we have arrived on Tingloy Island. We have been praying for an opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel with her. Our prayers were answered. Kapitana told us about her life as a single mother, the hardships she has faced, and the challenges of being a Barangay Captain. She told us about how she cannot show her weaknesses or struggles to her children because she must remain strong for them. In her hopelessness, the Kapitana finds some relief in crying out to God. She said everyone comes to her with their problems, but she has no one to lean on. We were able to share the Gospel with her. 

Pray her heart would be open to truth as we continue to share with her; she is still trusting in good works for salvation. 
Pray she would know Christ is the source of hope and healing in the midst of her brokenness.