Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Keeping our eyes open

During orientation we learned about how God was moving already in the areas we were going to and that there are persons of peace everywhere. Throughout orientation & our first days in the Philippines, we prayed that God would open our eyes to what He was already doing and lead us to the persons of peace. 

During our van ride up to our areas, we continued to pray for these things. One of our translators, S, gets really car sick so she sat in the front next to the driver. About halfway through the ride, the other translator, R, leaned over and told us that S was sharing the Gospel with the driver. We all began to pray for that conversation. R continued to give us small updates and when we finally stopped S told us that the driver was very interested in what she was saying. He was engaged and asking questions and at the end of the ride, he asked how he could ask for forgiveness for his sins. So S told him and led him to Christ.

Pray with us as we continue to seek for persons of peace this summer and are faithful to share with them
Pray for our new brother to find a community of believers in his town

-Riverboat Teams