Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm Ready!

One of the primary things God has been teaching me is that He truly is Lord of the harvest. One night at the end of a Bible study we were conducting, we asked if anyone was ready to trust in Jesus as the Savior of their sins. Almost before our translator was done translating the question, Kuya A's eyes shot up from the Bible he was holding and he said "I'm ready! I'm ready!" This was the first time he had attended a Bible study and the first time he had been invited to become a follower of Jesus. As soon as he heard the Gospel, he jumped at the opportunity to embrace it. 

God had been preparing his heart to see and hear the truth, God had been preparing the harvest. How many more people are ready and waiting to hear the truth? How many more are waiting to exclaim, "I'm ready!" Who will go with God and reap the harvest He is preparing? Who will be the instrument God uses to proclaim the Gospel to the many that are waiting to hear it? The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Pray for more harvesters to be willing to go to the hard places where people are waiting to hear the Good News.

-Carter H
Riverboat Team C