Sunday, June 19, 2016

God Provides

Abril and I landed in Detroit with no housing, no car and no idea how to best serve the people- yet God provides. All week leading up to our flight, we had been praying for God’s provision and guidance, and He has provided so faithfully in marvelous ways.

While we were expecting to work in the suburbs of Dearborn, God has opened many doors for us to also serve across Detroit in the town of Hamtramck, a large refugee area. This has been an amazing opportunity to meet with many new Muslim refugees and develop close friendships. God has also provided a place to live. After staying at a church, we were given housing with a pastor and his wife that live well outside of our ministry area. However, this has been such a blessing as they have been able to provide us Godly council and support.

This location involves over an hour of driving each day, and again God has provided. Our very gracious pastor has allowed us to borrow Suzy, a large pickup. Suzy is large, camo, not really air conditioned and extremely hard to parallel park on the narrow streets of Detroit. Abril even has to sit on her purse to see out the front! Although she wasn’t what we were picturing driving in the city, she is again another blessing in disguise. A local church planter has lost 3 cars in the last 3 years, and the truck serves as a more unattractive target while allowing us to get to the homes. In addition, through the juggling of schedules, we have also been able to borrow several cars and car seats for transporting refugees.

God has been showing us that His plans aren’t always what we expect, but He knows best, gives us the tools we need, and blesses His work.

- Sarah