Saturday, June 25, 2016

God's Timing

We are in our last week in the first village we are staying in. We have had several large Bible studies with up to 40-60 people at a time! The team will be finishing up in this village and will connect our national partners with the people we have been sharing & studying the Bible with. 
Last week, we were able to share in a high school with over 500 students! The school would now like for our national partners to come at least two times a week to share with the students We have a few people considering baptism and hopefully more will follow Jesus in this way. 

This next week, Zac, M and I will being splitting from the rest of the team to help some national partners do discipleship with other students in another barangay. We felt that this is what the Spirit has led us to do for the next week before we move on to the next island. 

Please keep us in your prayers as we do what God commands us to do, as we lead people in studying His Word, work alongside national partners.
Pray for many to see following Jesus in baptism as worth the sacrifices they would have to make in doing so,
Pray for God to continue to work through us to bring the Gospel to where it has yet to be heard.