Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spice Island Update

As I am sitting in this Warnet, internet cafe, I am reminded about how good we have it in America... Internet at the touch of out fingers! Haha!

But life in the Spice Islands has been better than imagined. This past week we have been asked to do many different things with many groups of people. I mean come on, we are the famous bulais! For our friends, family, and readers, in SEA that is what we are called EVERY DAY which translates to white person! They are so shocked to see us! Some, all they can say is "bulai" and stare...speechless.

We are currently taking part in the Islamic holiday of Ramadan. Many of our friends have invited us to eat with them at night when it is time for them to break fast. This is the best thing for us. The first time we were invited, we were completely in shock. Why? Because the day before Drew and I asked the Father to send us friends here. We were searching and looking everywhere for people to talk to and hangout with. The very next day, He sent six our way. That is right, SIX new friends we are now involved with! Pugi Tuhan! (Praise the Lord). He is so good and forever faithful. Prayer Requests ---the Father to keep sending us new friends. ---Our new friendships to be strengthened and opportunities to share are made evident. ---We not lose faith of the real reason we are here. ---We be focused and looking for people willing to communicate at all times.

To our friends and family, we are doing great...No worries here! We have somewhat mastered the motor bike. We have eaten chicken fried rice everyday since we have been here. I do not know if it is because we like it so much or we are scared to try other things. The place where we are located is known for serving bat, rat, dog, cat, snake, and snail at any time! My (Wess) language has picked up a ton. I can now talk with people and understand others. Drew, well, he is trying! Sending much love from SEA to Louisiana and Texas!