Thursday, June 23, 2016

Food, Food and More Food!

New countries call for new foods! 

A few of our team members have gotten a little excited about trying new foods... 

  • Tyler ate an octopus whole.
  • Alex licked a chicken's foot.
  • James tried durian, the local "King of Fruits"  
Most everyone that we have come into contact with LOVES durian, but Americans have a harder time enjoying this interesting fruit. Just take one whiff and you will have had your fair share of durian. 

We have also gotten to celebrate 2 birthdays and will get to celebrate 2 more on July 1st. Byan's birthday was June 17th. That meant Tessa and Lauryl got to get some baking in with the infamous dirty brownies (chocolate chip cookie layered with oreos and topped with brownies). 

The people here love to eat spicy, but are not too fond of the American sweet tooth.  Here's to many more food adventures to come. 

Sorry for all of the pictures, we just felt the need for you to experience the food as much as you can with us!