Monday, June 27, 2016

Isla Verde Outreach

Kids trying to get our attention
On Thursday mornings, the clinic does an outreach in a couple of poor neighborhoods in Davao. They actually have two locations that they go to on alternating weeks: one in Agdao and one in Isla Verde. Amy and I were on shift this past Thursday morning so we were able to go to Isla Verde! 

Isla Verde is a barangay (village) with a large Muslim population and is located near the ocean. There is also a large group of Badjaos there, a Mulsim ethnic group. Some people call them "sea gypsies" because they live in squatters homes near the water. They live very simple lives without calendars or other time keeping devices, and they cook over fires.

The outreach clinic usually starts around 9 am and women are seen in order of whoever shows up first. They do not have to have an appointment to come, so we never know how many will show up until we get there! 

This past Thursday there were not that many women who showed up, which was kind of discouraging at first. It ended up being a good thing that there were so few patients because a Muslim woman came in for a prenatal check and Amy and some other midwives ended up getting to share the gospel with her. She said she wanted to start a relationship with Jesus, so the midwives prayed with her and offered her support. If there had been a lot of patients the midwives may not have been able to set as much time aside for this woman. 
Streetside view
Some "cool kids on the block"
Please pray for the Muslim and Badjao women in this area, that they will come to know the Lord through these outreaches. 
Pray for the woman who received Christ, that she would grow in faith and have support from her family.