Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Final Sifting Week

Last week we ended our final sifting week, where teams of volunteers would come and participate in door to door ministry. We saw many persons of peace from doing this ministry, and we are now able to follow up and disciple them. Mine & Lacey's and job is to continue to check in and disciple these persons of peace, and meet their needs however that may be.

This week we will be doing follow ups with the people we have already met, as well as being intentional to build relationships with people everywhere we go. We have decided to go to parks, or ride the subway for a while to strike up conversation with women about the gospel.

We have learned during our time here so far, that we can not be afraid to talk to ANYONE. Everyone deserves a chance to hear the gospel. We have seen, with our very own eyes, God's hand at work. even the most devout looking person has become a person of peace. God has proven his faithfulness over and over. We are blessed to be working where God is moving.

Please pray that our hearts would continue to ache for these people.
Pray that we would continue to be intentional.
Pray against exhaustion and spiritual warfare (we are both feeling it).
Pray that our team would come together in times of struggle & in times of praise.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

-Anna and Lacey