Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jesus Bring the Rain

I find it amazing that God uses mundane things to speak to us in profound ways. For example, the wind blowing against us as we trek our city often reminds me of the guidance of the Holy Spirit guiding our steps to persons of peace.

We are still in the rainy season so it rains several times a week. This is actually quite refreshing due to the normal hot temperatures in Southeast Asia. Just the other day as a teammate and I were making our way back to our house in the rain, trying to squeeze the two of us under the same umbrella, we noticed some children playing in the several inches of rain water that had accumulated in front of our home entrance. "Please do not splash us!" was our plea with the children. 

The children were so happy that they were able to come outside and cool off in the rain that it reminded me very much of what Jesus does in us and then through us. It seems very often that I find myself thirsty and parched - desperate to hear from God. Then, just at the right moment, God whispers through prayer and reading of His word or even through something as simple as joyful children splashing in the rain. And, just like those children, when God sends something so refreshing to my soul, the joy can not be measured. So Jesus, thank you for the rain.