Sunday, June 19, 2016

Medical Clinics: Physical & Spiritual Health

The first medical team has came and gone, and it has been quite an interesting week! The ministry we are a part of really is quite incredible. Each day we travel between one to two hours into rural areas that do not have any evangelical churches. We set up our medical clinic near a school so the children's team, including our very own Ashley, can love on kids and share Jesus with them. Erin and I meanwhile, have been working in triage, pharmacy, and wound care. We see roughly 350-500 patients a day. As patients are waiting for their prescriptions to be filled, Kenyan pastors share the Gospel with them. Each of the 4 days of clinic we have seen so far have had at least 100 people come to faith! These 100+ people will make up the body of the new church with a pastor who CMN has already trained and prepared to lead a congregation! Ultimately, each day that we are on the field, more believers a made and a potential church is birthed... It really is quite an incredible way to do ministry!

The children's team has also done a fabulous job! They see anywhere from 100-700 children a day! Their goal is not only to love on the kids, but also to establish a good relationship between the principal of the school and the pastor of the new church. This is in hopes that the children and their families will know about the new church and come to faith as a result of it.

Now that the first team is gone, we have already packed up and headed out to a new area! Today we drove 6 hours and tomorrow we will drive another 3 before we arrive to our final destination for this week. We will have 4 days of clinic here, and then we will pack up and head a a new area! We are so grateful to be a part of an organization that has us bringing the Gospel to the unreached all across Kenya!

Prayer requests:

  • For Erin, Ashley, and I to not get discouraged. Although there have been hundreds of salvations, because we don't directly get to share the Gospel, sometimes we forget our value as part of God's work here in Kenya
  • For the medical teams arriving to travel safely and get through customs with the medications
  • For the new believers and the new churches formed; please pray that they would really seek the Lord in this time and that God's word would strengthen them
  • For this round of medical clinics. That ultimately our goal would be to bring the Gospel into these areas and not just to bring medical care. For the patients we see, that they would be receptive to the Gospel and find hope in Jesus
-Hope & Healing