Friday, June 24, 2016

God is at Work

We have been playing basketball and shared with up to 50 or more people at a time! God has never ceased to amaze us at the work He has laid out for us to do. Every day we are going house to house, up & down hills and trails, through corn fields and through the woods to share the Gospel and study the Word of God. Many have been very receptive to what we have to share with them and are eager to study the Word. 

As the days go by, it is very easy to get tired and lose energy on a hot and sunny day. But the cross makes every single soul worth the venture no matter how far the people are from us. Many have gone before us willing to go farther than anyone dared, and God has blessed their work. We believe that God has purposed us in our calling to the Philippines. 

Even in our short time here, God has had so much prepared for us. We have grown in unity as a team and in love for the people around us. And the people around us can see it, too. One man came up to me after a large Bible study we had and told me that he wanted to start reading & learning the Word of God. He said that he was inspired seeing others around him hearing & studying the Word of God together for the first time. God is at work and He has plans for the village in the islands.