Friday, June 24, 2016

English Workshop

Students lined up to register for the English workshop
The workshop has been going very well and we have been spending a lot of time with our new friends outside of the workshop. Most of the time this entails meeting at a coffee shop but we have also been treated to dinner, ice cream, and motorbike rides around the town! We were in for a special treat on Wednesday as we met many more eager friends at an English club and were very overwhelmed by the amount of people wanting to speak with us. Thanking God for the opportunities He has placed before us. Please pray for us & those we speak to as we share our stories and His truth.

Des & Allison with some of the students
On Thursday Des was able to have a great conversation with a girl from the English workshop. She had many questions to ask so please pray for her! Yesterday was filled with many smiles and pictures as the students said goodbye to our friends who ran the workshop. Today our friends treated us to a home-cooked meal, home-grown fruits, and karaoke! Please pray for us that God will guide us in who to be meeting with as we have met many people now! And also for intentional rest so that we can continue to run the race with endurance!

-Hide & Seek