Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tough Soil

Riverboat team B has been having some pretty tough soil to plow. They have been doing many Bible studies but often times, the attendees have a glassed over look and they just seem to be going around in circles. But they had faith that God was moving in their barangay  (village) and that the Word of God doesn't come back void. 

They continued to pray for people who were ready to hear. 

One day during one of the Bible studies, a man came up who they had never seen before. He smiled, said hello, and told them his name was Michael. He was very hospitable and sat down to listen. During the middle of talking about the jailer, Paul and Silas, the Holy Spirit moved in him and it clicked. He started thanking the team so much, saying this was the first time he'd heard the truth, that he finally understood what salvation really was and how Jesus was the only way. With tears in his eyes, he asked to continue to study the Bible the next day, wanting to know more about what a relationship with Jesus looked like.

Pray for Michael. Pray that he will continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit moving in his life.

-Riverboat Team B