Thursday, June 23, 2016

He Who Goes Before

This week God has been showing me how he has an elaborate plan that started way before we arrived here. One woman, Narim, has had many relationships with team members over the 4 months she has been at the camp. However, I only found out this week that God has been working in her heart for much longer. 

When she was fifteen she had a vision of Jesus and ever since then she has secretly called him her savior. Unfortunately, there were not many Christians in her area to help develop her faith. However, out of a tragedy she was brought to a camp where she has been able to hear the full gospel preached to her. I see now how God has a plan for her life and I feel overwhelmed with joy to be apart of it. 

James was talking to one man and felt called to ask him if he had ever had a dream of a man in white. The refugee was shocked! Over the past few months he has had the same dream three times of a man in white was beaconing for him. Because of the dream, the man's heart was softened and he listened as James told him that the man in white was Jesus.

I see now how God knew all along that each of us would be here this summer. It is amazing to witness how God has already began a work in people's hearts at the camp. 

Please pray that:
•God will continue to guide us to those he has begun a work in
•Narim will grow in her faith and have the courage to share the truth with her family
•James' friend will continue to seek after Jesus