Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Unforgettable Day

The first day of ministry was an unforgettable one for me. I was with one of our translators and Carter. We were going house to house trying to find people to share the Good News with and set up Bible studies. We came to a small store and the woman, named Nanay M, working in it had a huge smile on her face when she saw us. She welcome us inside and while we were talking to her, we discovered she was a fellow believer. During our conversation, her husband, Tatay B would come in and out, curious to hear but easily preoccupied with other things. Eventually, we asked him what he thought about the whole concept of God and the Gospel. He answered bluntly and honestly; "I don't believe it at all because I am a materialistic person." To this I replied "Would you mind hearing the Gospel from someone who used to be the same way?" He said yes and immediately pulled a chair in front of me. 

I shared my testimony with him about how I used to long for the things of the world more than I longed for God but how this always left me empty and nothing ever lasted. His face changed throughout my story and you could tell he was seriously moved by this new found perspective. After I was finished, he said "For years my wife has tried to explain this to me, but I never understood. But now I have been enlightened and my eyes have been opened. I now understand that the only way to life is through Jesus Christ." With tears welling up in my eyes, I then shared with him how to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior, which he did! After more Bible studies and good conversations, he decided that he wants to get baptized. We have high hopes for Tatay B and Nanay M, they have the potential to be leaders for Christ in their community, and we are praying that they will be. 

Pray with us for Tatay B & Nanay M. They have the potential to be leaders for Christ in their community. Pray for their continued spiritual growth.

-Lindsay P
Riverboat Team C