Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Taking the walk day by day

This week our team was presented many opportunities to share the gospel, leading some to respond with faith in Christ. For the whole week our local church had VBS, and 23 kids surrendered their lives to the Lord. Also, many seeds were planted while driving kids to and from church and to events. It was so cool to see how God is working in the lives of young children and how He gives us understanding of the mystery of His word.
One evening, Noah and Courtney took six high school refugee students to a worship service where one of the teens surrendered his life to the Lord. In our Journey program this week, they were discussing joy, which led this teen to want that joy, the true joy that never fades. They got to share the gospel of grace with one of the other students, as well, who expressed that he wants to be saved but doesn’t feel that he is good enough yet.
Also, another opportunity arose when making a house call to a Pakistani family. The family is Muslim and had many questions about Jesus, God, and the assurance we have in our salvation. They have invited Grace back to further discuss the Bible and why Christians believe the way we do and why we act the way we act. Something I thought was rather awesome was the family did not have hot water for three weeks. So we made calls, getting a hold of no one, so all Grace did was pray that somehow this family could shower. A few hours later a man came to fix the problem. The family was so excited thinking we had done this which really we got a hold of no one. Grace’s response was it was simply God and they found it so interesting that God answered my prayer and wished their god would listen to them like that.

Please keep praying that God would give us open doors to share with all walks of life and that they see that He is actively pursuing them out of His great love for them.