Friday, June 24, 2016

Just Bring the Truth

Once they arrived in their village, Riverboat Team A was able to quickly begin different Bible studies. The people were very open to listen to what the team had to say but were just there because they were Americans. As we continued house to house and talked to several people, we were starting to doubt the genuineness of the people's hearts. We prayed for understanding, that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to the truth. 

At the end of one of our Bible studies, one of the older ladies started talking to our translator, Geb-Geb. She told Geb-Geb that there had been many people who had come before us bringing their religion and trying to convert people, but we were different. We weren't looking for converts or trying to build up our religion. She said that she knew we brought the truth and she was so thankful that we had told her about Jesus. After that we knew that no amount of convincing from our part would change anything, only God and His Word. All He wanted us to do was obey Him. He wanted us to bring them the Truth and leave the rest for Him.

Pray for us to be faithful in sharing the Good News boldly.
Pray for the seeds that are sown.

-Riverboat Team A