Monday, June 27, 2016

God is on the Move

Wow... June has already come and gone. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways--good health, many laughs, relationships both young and old, and we have met a BELIEVER!!!!

Our Filipino supervisor was out one day telling people why we are on the island and that we are not Jehovah Witnesses. He met a lady named Melody. H came back after lunch and told just a small piece of her story and we couldn't wait to meet her. After several attempts, we were able to. Her sister married a pastor and that is how the she heard the Good News. However, she is married to an unbeliever and he often makes fun of her for worshiping. We asked if she tries to share her faith and others often make fun r her, too. She & her extended family have prayed for many years for other believers to come and start a church. She is so thirsty for fellowship and teachings from the Bible.

Please pray we can encourage her and pour into her as much as possible in the coming weeks. Also pray for salvation for her husband and from there they can be leaders in starting a Bible believing church.

-Tropical Island Disciplemakers