Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dragon Spines and Gospel Times: Part 1

These past few weeks have been very busy and challenging at times. However, God has been faithful and working through all of it. Julia and I have have spent the past few weeks learning how to be effective ministry partners, adjusting to a new culture, and learning how to teach English to people who speak absolutely no English. Through all of our barriers, God has shown that He is bigger than every one of them. He has provided countless times for his name to be declared among the people of S.

We were able to visit in the home of a Muslim family who our supervisor has been working with for awhile. We were able to share the Gospel with them using a video in their language. Our supervisor was also there to answer questions and follow-up with them. Their responses were positive and we can tell that their is appetite for truth in their household.

Pray for Julia and I to continue to learn how to work together effectively. 
Pray for the Muslim family we were able to share with; pray that their hearts would be open to the truth.

-S Thai ESL Team