Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pak B again

After our time in Lewokluok, we came back to bapa B to rest up for a day or two before heading out again. The family welcomed us in again like family and it honestly felt kind of like coming home for us after working things out last time. Spending time with this family is something we all look forward to now.
We got the chance to share with bapa again, but this time it was because he had questions. He came from a Catholic background and still isn't completely convinced or sure of everything we and other Christians say. We encouraged him to ask all the questions he wanted to while we were here and we were able to answer them with scripture and personal experiences. He really believes that he needs a teacher to understand scripture, but we pointed him to Matthew 23 that says there is only one Father and one Teacher. We encouraged him to read the Word for himself, pray and let the Lord teach him.
As we continue to encourage him every time we stop here, pray for him and his family that the Lord would show them the truth through His living Word. Pray that the Holy Spirit would enter their lives and guide them.

-Alex, Josue, and Anderson (Embrace the Beyond)