Monday, June 20, 2016

God Provides!

We had our first "issue" with some local people this week already. A pastor in our town got the wrong idea of why we were here and gave B and his family that we've been staying with the wrong idea. Things got a little awkward because they thought we'd be staying in this house all summer and the pastor thought we wanted to rent it, meaning the family needed to move out. He had also told the family to give us their best and to not eat with us, and it took us a few days before R (our translator) was able to figure things out with the head of the household.

After we figured things out, we thought it'd be best to sit down and talk to bapa (father). We got to share some scripture with him (Luke 10:1-12) and his family in explaining our plans for the summer and he actually got excited for us! We told them how thankful we were that they had stayed in the house and helped take care of us, and he made an offer that any time we're back in this city/town, even if it's after we leave for the summer and come back, or if any friends of ours come to this town in later years, that this is our home. He said we'd always be welcome here and any friends of ours would be welcome here. How awesome is that?
-Embrace the Beyond Team B