Thursday, June 23, 2016

Searching for Persons of Peace

The past week has been filled with varying emotions. Due to the busy schedules of our college-aged translators, we were met with the challenge of sharing without someone to translate. We have quickly found that even though in an urban setting, many still do not know English.  If English is understood, often they are unfamiliar with spiritual language. In two different settings we shared with English speakers but realized the language barrier affected comprehension. However, we trust the power of the gospel and the spirit to move in their hearts with what they did understand.

We continue to encourage and lift up the local believers.  Through our sharing we hope to disciple the believers to do the same. We realize that we are here today because someone discipled and did the same to us as we do to the believers.

Please continue to pray for persons of peace. Our hearts are burdened to find someone who is searching. Often we are met with with disinterest after sharing and we yearn to see light come to the eyes of someone who recognizes truth.