Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ate Lisa

Over the past few weeks, we have seen so many lives changed because of our God! He truly is great and has shown us just how perfect his timing is. The first week, we struggled with really seeing our purpose for being here. School hadn't started yet, so we did a lot of just sitting around and learning about our new home.

We started going door-to-door, sharing the gospel in out little neighborhood. Ate Lisa was the first lady that Ate Emz and Kate & I came to. Within minutes of us sitting in her home, I was able to share the gospel. Her eyes lit up and she said "I am a Catholic, but I have been searching to God. You are answering all of my questions!" My heart started to race with excitement. When we asked her on a scale of 0%-100% how sure she was about where she would spend eternity, she said "50%." I quickly began to explain how she could know, and after we explained, she held up her arm and said "I have the goosebumps!" Holding back tears of joy, we sat with her and prayed for her as she received Jesus Christ. We asked her again how sure she was, and she said "100%! I have so much joy in my heart!"

As we have visited her over the past week and a half, she has shared with us just how her life has already started to change. God is working in Ate Lisa's life. She has been sharing with her family, has asked about starting a church, and is getting baptized sometime in the next week! We are so excited for her.

Please pray for her strength and determination as she continues to share with her husband and friends. She is truly a blessing to us all, and we are so thankful for her life and decision to follow our Lord!