Tuesday, June 28, 2016

God's Blessings

This week has truly been a blessing to the Northern Thai Team. We have had the opportunity to go and share God's word with several people that we've come in contact with. 
One cool thing that happened was that we were able to perform at the weekend market. God provided everything. The store keeper let Ty use his guitar and gave us everything we needed to make sure that we would be heard. Ty did an amazing job leading worship that night. The owner of the store enjoyed us being there and singing and has asked us to come back this weekend and sing again. We handed out free waters and will also be doing that again this weekend.
Our good friend Pon has also asked to spend more time with us this week. Every opportunity we get to spend time with her, we are able to share the gospel with her. The great thing about this is that she might not have questions right then, but she goes home and thinks about what we said to her and she asks questions the next time we see her. 

Another blessing that God has given us this week is our good friend Gang. He asked if he could go to church with us Sunday morning. Uhh... of course! He enjoyed it. He even got up to worship and sing with us in front of the church.

Each one of these events this week has been a great encouragement for us. Please keep us and the Thai people in your prayers. Pray that God would continue to open their hearts to him and that they would be open to listening.