Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tip of the Spear Update

Des with friends in the park
Our first few days in the new location have been dedicated to getting to know where all the necessary accommodations are. Luckily we found some friends who speak English to guide us to places we needed. On Wednesday we personally experienced what rainy season is like as we walked back to our hotel in a foot of rain water! 

Please pray as we are trying to feel at home in a new area and for our health as our bodies are also having a few difficulties adjusting to the new area.

Dinner with the University staff
The last few days of our first week here have been spent in preparation for the English workshop we will be helping with this next week. We met our friends running the workshop on Saturday and today the university took all of us out for dinner. We are very excited to meet many new friends who can speak English! Please keep all of our new friends in your prayers as we are about to meet them.

-Tip of the Spear