Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family In Him

I struggle today with how to adequately convey my feelings from this past week and how the Lord is working.

The word the Spirit brings to my heart is الأسرة. In English, "family." Twice this week, some of our close friends that we have been visiting frequently and sharing with told us "we are family." One of these families is the one I asked you all last week to pray for an opportunity to share with, and God provided! We were able to share THE story with them. And they were very open and had many questions. I realize the difference that an established relationship makes with this particular culture. It was that same visit that they called us family and asked us to return with an Arabic Bible that we may study together. All I can say is praise God.

Another significant moment from this week is when I met a young woman named Marah. She is 20 and speaks very good English. I have visited her every day, sharing the story of Jesus and more stories. We have become fast friends. She takes care of her father and her 4 younger brothers and sisters while their mother is in Germany. One day, I saw her sitting by herself and I could tell that she looked very sad. I asked her what was wrong and she just began to cry. I knew that it was just being in their situation. She feels very hopeless. I began to cry with her. I told her I wished I could do more. We went back to her tent and shared some verses with her and talked more about Jesus. Please pray for Marah, that Jesus would reveal himself to her in a mighty way. That she would find hope in Him. I want desperately for her to have hope.

I think our whole team is understanding how the work is really all in God's hands. We know all we can do is keep sharing and being there, but the Spirit has to do the work. Some people are so close, mainly some men that our guys have been diligently ministering to. Please pray for them, that the Spirit will make himself known to them. We are having to constantly remind each other to not be discouraged, because we do not yet know what the Lord is doing in the lives of the people we are sharing with.