Sunday, June 26, 2016

Connecting with Students

Part of our work in this country is building relationships with university students. This usually occurs in between English classes and will involve playing games and going to street restaurants to get snacks and drinks. Since we are in the rainy season of this country, it will often flood. Here is a photo of us hanging out with some students in between class and walking down the street in the flooded water! We had a lot of fun that day and were able to start connecting with several new students.

Please pray for our connections with the students that we would be able to find common ground and invest specifically in certain students. We are currently praying that God would highlight specific students to each of us whom He wants us to focus on throughout the summer. Pray that we are able to connect with those who are shy and slip in and out of classes, not staying long to connect with teachers or even other students.

We will be traveling this weekend so please pray for safety for the team and unity. Pray for the students as they are on break for a few days and that those who are being discipled would begin to reach out to their peers as well. 

Pray for the hearts of this people group that they would be easily transformed from rocky soil to good soil, willing and ready to accept the message of salvation and to grow fervently, multiplying 30, 60, and 100 times.