Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Meet the Team: Global City Outreach

L to R: Tyler, Jacob, Byan, James, Andy, Alex, Lauryl, Tessa
Alex is from Mississippi. She is the team leader. Do not be surprised if she asks to pet your dog, she know no strangers.  She is passionate about people and sharing the gospel.

Lauryl is from South Carolina.  Do not be surprised if you catch her talking in different accents, it's a true talent.  She is passionate to share the love that none of us deserve to have!

Andy is from South Carolina.  She has a crazy obsession with Hawkeye (the Avenger). She is most passionate about reaching those that other people overlook.

Tessa is from Ohio. She owns no normal socks and is fluent in sarcasm. She is most excited to learn more about God and herself and see God be glorified.

Jacob is from Mississippi. He likes long walks on the beach and brushing his long locks too many times.  He is most passionate about learning about culture and people because he loves people.

Tyler is from South Mississippi.  He likes spicy food. He is passionate about eating all the food and sharing with others at the same time.

Byan is from South Carolina. He has an old soul.  He has a deep burden for those who have never heard the gospel.

James is from Ohio.  His maturity goes out of the window sometimes.  His main passion is to see the entire nation of Somalia come to Christ.