Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rain Check

Our first plan on Monday was to make a trek up into the mountains to visit a village where one person has been dunked within the past week. 

Due to me not feeling well and the rain, which would make the trek challenging, our local contact called an audible and we went to the monkey forest and shared in a few spots there. 

The Lord is sovereign... we ended up meeting 2 young adults who right off the bat confessed and believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God! We asked where they had heard this, never had the Good News shared with them, but rather from their studies in Cousin school! When the Holy Spirit is working, he can use anything! 

Our local contact was taken aback and was filled with great joy as he has never experienced such a response like this! Our father is Faithful, and is responding to your prayers! If we would have gone up into the village as our original plan, we would have not meet these 2 persons of peace. Sovereign! 

We ended the day with breaking fast with an elderly couple who own a store on the side of the street. We were able to share testimonies and the Good News with the couple and they were open... Invited us to come back as well! Through not feeling well, He continues to use us! He is strong in our weakness.

-Joe G.