Wednesday, June 22, 2016

English Workshop

After meeting back up with Des and Allison a couple of days ago here in BH, Charley and I are excited to begin volunteering at a English workshop at a local university. With 120 students signed up, we are praying for plenty of fruitful conversations. 

We are working with 8 American believers to teach English to these senior English majors. We were assigned to small groups, so each of us is able to form bonds with 8-10 students. After the 5-day program is over, Des, Allison, Charley, and I will begin having conversations with students who we have deemed to be "seekers" and those who are identified as believers. This way, we can join Him in the work He has begun in these students.

Each day after the program ends, we will be having lunch with university staff members in hopes of establishing a long-term relationship. 

Please be praying with us about an English club we will be attending on Wednesday night as we will have an opportunity to meet even more university-aged students. Its our desire that it will lead to more friendships that can open up fruitful conversations.

-Tip of the Spear A & B