Thursday, June 23, 2016

Honorary Sons

We made it to our first village on June 9th. We decided to visit the only village in this region that the NT team from 3 years ago visited. We found the family they stayed with and we've been staying with them. Bapa Frans has named us honorary sons and members of his tribe. This family has been so warm and welcoming to us and they don't even know us.  We've had one opportunity to share with him our beliefs and just have a Bible study with him. He's very convinced of Catholicism and animism both (they worship their ancestors/spirits here), but he was so open to listen and he enjoyed the time we spent with him.
Pray for this family. Thank God for their hospitatlity and openness to us, and pray that their hearts would be opened to the Gospel.

-Alex, Josue, and Anderson (Embrace the Beyond Team B)