Friday, July 1, 2016

A $2 Frisbee

Before coming to SEA, we had to prepare and do the dreaded packing for the trip. As my mom was helping me get everything situated before departing, we stopped by the local Academy Sports to get a few last minute things. While checking out, I noticed a huge rack of $2 frisbees. I thought to myself, "That would be a fun thing to play with some kiddos." So I grabbed one! Little did I know the impact this fribee would have in the lives of the kids here.

I have played more frisbee in the last five days than I have in my entire life. Ministry comes in different forms, but this week it was through a cheap, neon orange frisbee. The connections I have made with the little ones in the picture will absolutely last a life time. While the frisbee drew them closer to me, I had no idea the impact they would have on my life. Honestly, they will never understand how much this week meant to me, how much they blessed me, or how much love they showed me. It is hard to know if what we are doing is beneficial or not. But this week, it is safe to say that everyone benefited.

I thank Gdd everyday for the opportunities He has given me with the kiddos here. He has given me a heart for them and any chance I get to spend with them, I will. I also thank Him for Matthew and Almas, my sidekicks, shadows, and heroes for this week. It is the halfway point, and they have made this hard, homesick week worth every minute.

So, as I am crying uncontrollably reflecting over this week and the genuine love I was shown, know that your prayers are being heard and felt! Keep them coming! We need them as we finish out this summer strong. So Almas and Matthew, this blog post is for you!