Thursday, July 7, 2016

Caring for the Children

Across the street from the entrance to W was an orphanage that was really just some poorly built shacks with electricity and water.
We visited the owner and spent several hours getting to know him and his story. He had been moving around from city to city looking for a place that would let him set up in and support him in. He was turned down help from most other orphanages and organizations like those because he took in everyone. Many of the orphanages here only help those that can at least help themselves, but he wanted to help everyone. That was apparently a problem for other organizations.

He has taken in and rescued children that cannot do anything for themselves. Currently there are 28 children and 4 workers.  He is barely able to provide for himself, but he still gives everything to care for the children there. 
Pray for this man and his passion for the children. 
Pray for the children and the people that are willing to help him take care of the children.
-Alex, Embrace the Beyond