Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gift of Grace

The Zambian people are optimistic, joyful, friendly, and exceedingly open to learning more about God. Solwezi has a whole lot of churches, and most people attend faithfully. Most of the churches, however, have works based salvation and prosperity Gospel mixed throughout their doctrine and teaching. Because of this, many of the youths, some of whom have grown up in the church and thought they were Christians their entire lives, are completely blown away by the concept of salvation by grace and faith alone. (Some of them, I think, are also perplexed by the concept of serving God because we love Him, instead of serving Him because we want some material reward). We are grateful for the Zambians’ openness to the Gospel, and we are continually thankful for God’s provision in giving us opportunities to share his truth and love.

Pray that we would be bold in sharing God's gift of grace.

-Zambia Sports Team