Saturday, July 9, 2016

Neighbors of Refugees

While we go to the camp to serve refugees, there are also refugees in our own apartment building. My heart has been broken this week for the Syrian family living in the place downstairs. A teammate and I went down and brought them some cookies one day, which gave us the chance to make friends with them. That night, I was invited to come back to their house and watch the Jesus film with the family. We had technological difficulties and were not able to get it to work so instead, they invited me to sit and talk with them. Immediately, we got into a conversation about God. 

The night was spent discussing the differences between our two beliefs. Although they were able to hear truth and the difference between our faiths, they insisted that it was the same. Our whole team has had to explain to people on multiple occasions that our belief is in fact very different from theirs. Yet, many choose to not accept that truth and simply say, "You have your faith and I have mine. They are both good ways." But as we know, there is only one way and that way is Jesus Christ. 

Please lift up this family, that He will reveal Himself to them and that I will do all He wants me to in that process.