Friday, July 8, 2016

Oma Selma, my SEA grandmother

Day to day we never know who God has in store for us to meet. As we "jalan jalan" through the streets and villages, we are constantly looking for people to stop and talk to. This day, I got to meet my SEA grandmother, Oma Selma. Oma is a retired English teacher from one of the local schools on an island we visited. When I say English teacher, do not think she is fluent. She mixed both languages throughout most of our time together. The true, genuine love she had for me shown through her eyes as she was happy to get to practice her English with a native speaker. At 75 years of age, she still wanted to learn more about English. What better way to teach her English than sharing with her?!

We talked about creation, life, death, and resurrection for a long time. Oma was thrilled! I know that was absolutely, 100%, a divine appointment by the Father. We stayed at her house and even though she was fasting, she made sure we were taken care of throughout our time there.

OH...her house...seriously the most beautiful place I have seen here. Not because it was up-to-date, huge, or convenient, but because she has planted flowers, trees, bushes, and plants everywhere! Her house is a garden! And at her age, she still goes out every day to maintain her place. We were fascinated with Oma and look forward to meeting her again. When leaving, she made sure I would be returning again! And as a tear fell down her wrinkled skin, I confirmed I would be back to see my SEA grandmother.

Please join me as we pray for her daily that God would continue to work in her heart and that she would pass from death to life everlasting! Though different skin color, religion, and ways of life, God still continues to draw me closer and closer to these people. I am forever grateful for Oma Selma and the Father for leading us to the door steps of my new, SEA grandmother.