Sunday, July 3, 2016

Simple Needs are Met

It seems as the summer goes on, the days begin to pass faster and faster. We have made it to our second barangay- Village #2. In the two days we have been here, we have seen the Lord already begin to work. The people are very friendly and welcoming. As we do house to house visitation, many homes are quick to offer us banana-q (fried banana in sugar- SO GOOD) and a glass of Coke. 

We have encountered many who understand the Bible, but they do not fully grasp the beautiful truth of having assurance of their salvation. 

Please pray that the Lord can use our team as we try to point them to the Lord.
Please pray that the Lord will give us, and our wonderful translators, the words to say- and pray that the people will have understanding.

As a team we are doing great! This next week we will be getting really close as our living space is like a tree house. However, we are so very thankful because the Lord has provided a fan, a roof over our heads, a place to cook over a fire, and people willing to listen to the gospel. 

Personally, the Lord is showing me how to really love His people no matter what the cost. Nothing about this summer has been easy, but it is nothing compared to the cost Christ paid for my sin. Thank you Lord.

-Kara, Riverboat Team A