Saturday, June 25, 2016

Connecting with Students

Part of our work in this country is building relationships with university students. This usually occurs in between English classes and will involve playing games and going to street restaurants to get snacks and drinks. Since we are in the rainy season of this country, it will often flood. Here is a photo of us hanging out with some students in between class and walking down the street in the flooded water! We had a lot of fun that day and were able to start connecting with several new students.

Please pray for our connections with the students that we would be able to find common ground and invest specifically in certain students. We are currently praying that God would highlight specific students to each of us whom He wants us to focus on throughout the summer. Pray that we are able to connect with those who are shy and slip in and out of classes, not staying long to connect with teachers or even other students.

We will be traveling this weekend so please pray for safety for the team and unity. Pray for the students as they are on break for a few days and that those who are being discipled would begin to reach out to their peers as well. 

Pray for the hearts of this people group that they would be easily transformed from rocky soil to good soil, willing and ready to accept the message of salvation and to grow fervently, multiplying 30, 60, and 100 times.


Tough Soil

Riverboat team B has been having some pretty tough soil to plow. They have been doing many Bible studies but often times, the attendees have a glassed over look and they just seem to be going around in circles. But they had faith that God was moving in their barangay  (village) and that the Word of God doesn't come back void. 

They continued to pray for people who were ready to hear. 

One day during one of the Bible studies, a man came up who they had never seen before. He smiled, said hello, and told them his name was Michael. He was very hospitable and sat down to listen. During the middle of talking about the jailer, Paul and Silas, the Holy Spirit moved in him and it clicked. He started thanking the team so much, saying this was the first time he'd heard the truth, that he finally understood what salvation really was and how Jesus was the only way. With tears in his eyes, he asked to continue to study the Bible the next day, wanting to know more about what a relationship with Jesus looked like.

Pray for Michael. Pray that he will continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit moving in his life.

-Riverboat Team B

C & C Take on SEA: Looking at the Nations

What can I say? We have only been here about three weeks and somehow our hearts are already so full! We have taken so many selfies, shared so many meals, and been to every mall several times. Because of these small things, we have held so many hands, shared so many smiles, and prayed so many prayers.

It has been great to build friendships around Jesus Christ with the nationals. This is an amazing nation. Our friends are inviting us to meet their families and are welcoming us into their homes. We are participating in their lives and we are touched by that. We have been allowed to pray for them, for their friends, and for their families. Many have asked questions about the Messiah and about our Bible, but we will hold our first official Bible study this Tuesday!  The Lord is doing a great work here! We serve an AMAZING God.

Look at the nations and watch--and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days you would not believe, even if you were told.    -Habakkuk 1:5 

We have been in prayer and we know you have been too!
Please continue to pray:
  • For wisdom for us to be obedient in the "small things"
  • Our Bible studies with Sitti, a new Believer
  • That people would continue to see the joy of the Lord in us
Until next time,

God's Timing

We are in our last week in the first village we are staying in. We have had several large Bible studies with up to 40-60 people at a time! The team will be finishing up in this village and will connect our national partners with the people we have been sharing & studying the Bible with. 
Last week, we were able to share in a high school with over 500 students! The school would now like for our national partners to come at least two times a week to share with the students We have a few people considering baptism and hopefully more will follow Jesus in this way. 

This next week, Zac, M and I will being splitting from the rest of the team to help some national partners do discipleship with other students in another barangay. We felt that this is what the Spirit has led us to do for the next week before we move on to the next island. 

Please keep us in your prayers as we do what God commands us to do, as we lead people in studying His Word, work alongside national partners.
Pray for many to see following Jesus in baptism as worth the sacrifices they would have to make in doing so,
Pray for God to continue to work through us to bring the Gospel to where it has yet to be heard. 


Peace & Relaxation

...being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience... - Colossians 1:11

Pray for team members as they have now been serving faithfully for several weeks. Pray that God would provide a time of peace and relaxation for the teams' refreshment.

Team of the Day
Tropical Campus Disciplemakers

Country of the Day

Early Morning Baptism

4am‬ @ the river

3people‬ followed the Lord in water baptism

‪All glory belongs to the Lord alone

Pray‬ for Tatay Joven, Nanay Mimi and Ate Rosalinda

-Advance Team

Friday, June 24, 2016

Dragon Spines & Gospel Times: Part 2

Julia and I have been teaching four days a week at a local school. Just when we were getting discouraged about our purpose there, God led us to Lat. Lat is another teacher at the school, and she is a person who is seeking truth. One day, she began talking to us about religion and we were able to share with her. She identified herself as half-Buddhist and half-Christian. We are excited to continue to speak truth in her life, and hopefully start a bible study with her soon.

Please pray for S, this place is in desperate need for the truth of God's Gospel, and we truly believe that He is going to do big things here.  
Pray for wisdom for us to share with Lat.

-S Thai ESL Team


It's a path that leads to a group of houses where my friend has been doing Bible studies for the last year. She's one of the few going to the unreached and hard to reach in this area of the Philippines. We need more like her. We were blessed to be able to help her with her Bible studies so she could take a rest. 

Pray for Eunice and her work among the unreached on the island of Bohol.

-Talon w/ Advance Team

Divine conversations

Since we on rivers, we ride in boats more than any other mode of transportation. A good thing about this is that there are always a lot of people and it's an open space so you can talk to a lot of people at once. Alex & one of our translators, M, took advantage of this. People were already interested in us because we look different from everyone else! 

Alex, with M translating, was able to share his testimony. Four ladies were listening intently. When Alex was done, they continued to ask M questions. He was able to continue the conversation and answer questions. Two of the ladies were convicted through Alex's story and M sharing the Gospel and decided to become followers or Christ right there on the boat. But God didn't stop there... we were already scheduled to visit their village later this summer!

Prayer requests
  • For the village visit later and that we would be able to meet with these women again
  • For more boat rides like these, where people are ready to hear
-Riverboat Teams

English Workshop... SUCCESS!

Today was the last day of the workshop. The English with Friends team, along with Des, Allison, Charley, and I, were honored at the closing ceremony by the students and the faculty! All of us firmly believe that a long term relationship has been formed and future opportunities to work with this university will arise. 

The workshop itself, though, was awesome! Over the 5 days we covered topics like American Idioms, American Life, Marketing, Advertising, and How to Make a Resume. All of the kids found it to be extremely useful! We were happy to have the opportunity to meet with the students throughout the week at coffee shops and begin sharing what we believe about the Father! Already, wonderful questions are being asked and fruitful conversations are being had! Please continue praying for these 100+ students and that He will prick their hearts.

Since the workshop is over, we are going to start our follow-ups with "seekers" and those who have identified as believers. With less than 2% of the population identify as believers, they need plenty of encouragement. 

The English club Wednesday night was a success! All four of us got LOTS of phone numbers of students who want to meet with us later. We're looking forward to going back next Wednesday!

Please be praying for our team about who we should meet with, and that the students we meet will ask questions that fund their answer in the Father.

-Tip of the Spear A & B

Talon & Eriz

Continue to pray for Talon & Eriz as they help supervise 3 teams in the Philippines.

Pray for safe travels as they travel between teams.
Pray for open doors & hearts as they share the Good News.
Pray that they will be an encouragement to the teams as they minister alongside them.

#whywego    #ntp52

Just Bring the Truth

Once they arrived in their village, Riverboat Team A was able to quickly begin different Bible studies. The people were very open to listen to what the team had to say but were just there because they were Americans. As we continued house to house and talked to several people, we were starting to doubt the genuineness of the people's hearts. We prayed for understanding, that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to the truth. 

At the end of one of our Bible studies, one of the older ladies started talking to our translator, Geb-Geb. She told Geb-Geb that there had been many people who had come before us bringing their religion and trying to convert people, but we were different. We weren't looking for converts or trying to build up our religion. She said that she knew we brought the truth and she was so thankful that we had told her about Jesus. After that we knew that no amount of convincing from our part would change anything, only God and His Word. All He wanted us to do was obey Him. He wanted us to bring them the Truth and leave the rest for Him.

Pray for us to be faithful in sharing the Good News boldly.
Pray for the seeds that are sown.

-Riverboat Team A

Village Trekking

This past week has been a little bit different than what we have been doing for the past 2 weeks. The previous weeks have been mostly week long home stays in villages but this week us guys are staying where our home is on the west side of the island. We have been off doing our own thing trekking up into the mountains along the west coast to see if there are any villages or houses. The past few days have been filled with many experiences meeting people in the mountains.

We were hiking up into the mountains and came across a village where we met some people and were able to start building relationships. We kept hiking, following very narrow dirt trails in the middle of the jungle until we ran into two ladies and a few kids. The ladies were taking a break from gathering fruits and vegetables and asked us to join them. After a while of talking with each other we began to share with them the good news. At the end of the conversation they still believed what they believed coming into the conversation but there were two very important things that happened. It was the first time they had ever heard the good news and they were interested in studying more about it. And... we were able to give them a New Testament in their own language so they could start reading for themselves about why the good news that we brought was really GOOD NEWS.

A lot is happening here and we ask that you would continue to pray for the soli people here on the island, specifically the women and other people in the village that will read the New Testament. We hope to trek back to the same village later this week to meet up with them again.

-Chris J


Two moms came to Christ this month and were baptized. Two more new believers will be baptized today (Wednesday) and two more this Saturday at our beach trip!! God is bringing His message to Batangas!!

-College Engineer Tutor team

Imitators of God

Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. - Ephesians 5:1-2

Pray for God to be evident in the lives of the team members as they minister among the Nations

Team of the Day
College English Tutor

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God is at Work

We have been playing basketball and shared with up to 50 or more people at a time! God has never ceased to amaze us at the work He has laid out for us to do. Every day we are going house to house, up & down hills and trails, through corn fields and through the woods to share the Gospel and study the Word of God. Many have been very receptive to what we have to share with them and are eager to study the Word. 

As the days go by, it is very easy to get tired and lose energy on a hot and sunny day. But the cross makes every single soul worth the venture no matter how far the people are from us. Many have gone before us willing to go farther than anyone dared, and God has blessed their work. We believe that God has purposed us in our calling to the Philippines. 

Even in our short time here, God has had so much prepared for us. We have grown in unity as a team and in love for the people around us. And the people around us can see it, too. One man came up to me after a large Bible study we had and told me that he wanted to start reading & learning the Word of God. He said that he was inspired seeing others around him hearing & studying the Word of God together for the first time. God is at work and He has plans for the village in the islands. 


Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's Conference Time

Our team was able to go to a Christian conference with two college fellowship groups. It was an incredible kickoff to the summer! 

Alex was able to lead an Indian, previously Hindu girl to Christ and baptize her.  
Byan baptized another guy who has been a Christian for a few years, but was too afraid to be baptized and did not fully understand the significance of being baptized. 

We got to encourage the groups to share with the many lost people in their community. Most of them are very afraid to share with other people outside of their people group and feel the need to do missions outside of the country. 

Please be praying for the believers here to be bold in their witness and for the Holy Spirit to move in mighty ways!


C & C Take on SEA: Walking in Freedom

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to catch y'all up on what is happening in the SEA. Claire and I have been able to meet so many new friends and have been able to build relationships with them. It is so amazing to see what God is doing here. We are still fasting alongside our Muslim brothers and sisters and we break fast with someone every night.

Last Tuesday, Claire and I were able to meet up with our friend Sitti. We were able to share, discuss, and pray with her for three hours! On Friday, we met with her again and explained more in depth God's love for her. The next day, we received a text that said she wanted to take the next step in her faith journey. She confessed with her mouth that Jesus was her Lord and Savior! She is incredibly excited and unafraid of what lies ahead of her! She has been the answer to so many prayers and God has already done amazing things through her. We meet with her weekly to have Bible studies.
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Here is more that you can be lifting up...
Please pray for:
  • Sitti as she goes through this life change
  • God to speak through us as we are leading Bible studies and discipling
  • Ramadan, for the Muslims to have visions and dreams about Jesus

The Joys of Teaching!

After we arrived, we gained more information about what our days would look like for the next two months. With only one-sixth of our team having any official training in education, we were both excited and hesitant to learn that we would be spending much of our time here teaching English. That being said, it did not take long for the traces of nervousness to disappear. 

We are now entering our second full week of teaching and rapidly approaching the halfway point of our time here. Each day, we take on the task of teaching seven English classes.

During this term, students have the opportunity to study the story of Joseph, study the book of Mark, or study from The Big Picture Story Bible. Because the organization we are teaching through is allowed to teach English using the Bible, many students are able to hear the gospel as they study English – many for the first time.

There are many parts of teaching that bring us joy: seeing the students enjoy games we play in class to learn vocabulary words, listening to students read stories directly from Scripture, and even simply their eagerness to learn. But what brings us the most joy is the students’ focus when they are listening to the gospel. We have had multiple opportunities to present the gospel through a word and picture presentation, and each time the students sit with focused eyes and a clearly sincere interest in what is being shared. Even more, they ask questions afterward!

The interest is there for many of the students, yet there seems to be a strong hindrance in the way of them willingly and openly accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. In Cambodia, family is first. Much of the hesitation students have to surrender their lives to Christ stems from the possibility of them being disowned by their family due of their decision. For many students, this is more a fact than just a possibility.

  • Please pray that the students would begin to understand that surrendering their life to Christ is worth anything and everything they may have to sacrifice. Pray that they will also understand that becoming a part of the Body of Christ is a chance to be a part of another family.
  • Please pray that the hearts of the family members of students would be softened to the idea of following Christ and that students would be able to share the gospel with their families without persecution.
  • And finally, please pray that God would use our team to speak the words the students need to hear in order to understand the importance of following Jesus. 
-Cambodian DiscipleMakers

English Workshop

Students lined up to register for the English workshop
The workshop has been going very well and we have been spending a lot of time with our new friends outside of the workshop. Most of the time this entails meeting at a coffee shop but we have also been treated to dinner, ice cream, and motorbike rides around the town! We were in for a special treat on Wednesday as we met many more eager friends at an English club and were very overwhelmed by the amount of people wanting to speak with us. Thanking God for the opportunities He has placed before us. Please pray for us & those we speak to as we share our stories and His truth.

Des & Allison with some of the students
On Thursday Des was able to have a great conversation with a girl from the English workshop. She had many questions to ask so please pray for her! Yesterday was filled with many smiles and pictures as the students said goodbye to our friends who ran the workshop. Today our friends treated us to a home-cooked meal, home-grown fruits, and karaoke! Please pray for us that God will guide us in who to be meeting with as we have met many people now! And also for intentional rest so that we can continue to run the race with endurance!

-Hide & Seek

Bible Study with English Students

We have developed a friendship with a local university student, Aristo, who is studying English. We invited him to practice his English with us by having a Bible study, and he brought two other students with him! We read the story of Peter and Cornelius in Acts chapter 10 and discussed the gospel. 

Pray that we can continue to study with them, and that the Word would bring conviction and salvation for them!

-Embrace the Beyond Team C

Dragon Spines and Gospel Times: Part 1

These past few weeks have been very busy and challenging at times. However, God has been faithful and working through all of it. Julia and I have have spent the past few weeks learning how to be effective ministry partners, adjusting to a new culture, and learning how to teach English to people who speak absolutely no English. Through all of our barriers, God has shown that He is bigger than every one of them. He has provided countless times for his name to be declared among the people of S.

We were able to visit in the home of a Muslim family who our supervisor has been working with for awhile. We were able to share the Gospel with them using a video in their language. Our supervisor was also there to answer questions and follow-up with them. Their responses were positive and we can tell that their is appetite for truth in their household.

Pray for Julia and I to continue to learn how to work together effectively. 
Pray for the Muslim family we were able to share with; pray that their hearts would be open to the truth.

-S Thai ESL Team

Food, Food and More Food!

New countries call for new foods! 

A few of our team members have gotten a little excited about trying new foods... 

  • Tyler ate an octopus whole.
  • Alex licked a chicken's foot.
  • James tried durian, the local "King of Fruits"  
Most everyone that we have come into contact with LOVES durian, but Americans have a harder time enjoying this interesting fruit. Just take one whiff and you will have had your fair share of durian. 

We have also gotten to celebrate 2 birthdays and will get to celebrate 2 more on July 1st. Byan's birthday was June 17th. That meant Tessa and Lauryl got to get some baking in with the infamous dirty brownies (chocolate chip cookie layered with oreos and topped with brownies). 

The people here love to eat spicy, but are not too fond of the American sweet tooth.  Here's to many more food adventures to come. 

Sorry for all of the pictures, we just felt the need for you to experience the food as much as you can with us!


God's Provision

L village has an annual post-harvest ceremony where they give thanks to the spirits and offer sacrifices as part of their tradition. We had been invited to attend, and we were going to attend just to experience the event and understand their culture more. Figuring out what to do during the ceremony became a problem for us though, because on the third day they eat the meat from the sacrifices to their spirits and we didn't want to be a part of that because of 1 Corinthians 8. We were in disagreement over when to leave and what to do so as to not offend anyone.

God provided this week as we prayed about it. Some stuff came up in another village and because of that the ceremony was postponed a few days. This gave us the opportunity to leave before it started and not offend the people and their culture, but also to avoid violating our own beliefs. We are thankful that we were able to avoid a bad situation like that.
Pray with us for the village and the family we stayed with, that they would be convicted and see the truth.
-Embrace the Beyond Team B

Authority Redemption

The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases. - Proverbs 21:1

Pray for the salvation of authority figures among the Nations

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Tip of the Spear Update

Des with friends in the park
Our first few days in the new location have been dedicated to getting to know where all the necessary accommodations are. Luckily we found some friends who speak English to guide us to places we needed. On Wednesday we personally experienced what rainy season is like as we walked back to our hotel in a foot of rain water! 

Please pray as we are trying to feel at home in a new area and for our health as our bodies are also having a few difficulties adjusting to the new area.

Dinner with the University staff
The last few days of our first week here have been spent in preparation for the English workshop we will be helping with this next week. We met our friends running the workshop on Saturday and today the university took all of us out for dinner. We are very excited to meet many new friends who can speak English! Please keep all of our new friends in your prayers as we are about to meet them.

-Tip of the Spear

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Searching for Persons of Peace

The past week has been filled with varying emotions. Due to the busy schedules of our college-aged translators, we were met with the challenge of sharing without someone to translate. We have quickly found that even though in an urban setting, many still do not know English.  If English is understood, often they are unfamiliar with spiritual language. In two different settings we shared with English speakers but realized the language barrier affected comprehension. However, we trust the power of the gospel and the spirit to move in their hearts with what they did understand.

We continue to encourage and lift up the local believers.  Through our sharing we hope to disciple the believers to do the same. We realize that we are here today because someone discipled and did the same to us as we do to the believers.

Please continue to pray for persons of peace. Our hearts are burdened to find someone who is searching. Often we are met with with disinterest after sharing and we yearn to see light come to the eyes of someone who recognizes truth.


Honorary Sons

We made it to our first village on June 9th. We decided to visit the only village in this region that the NT team from 3 years ago visited. We found the family they stayed with and we've been staying with them. Bapa Frans has named us honorary sons and members of his tribe. This family has been so warm and welcoming to us and they don't even know us.  We've had one opportunity to share with him our beliefs and just have a Bible study with him. He's very convinced of Catholicism and animism both (they worship their ancestors/spirits here), but he was so open to listen and he enjoyed the time we spent with him.
Pray for this family. Thank God for their hospitatlity and openness to us, and pray that their hearts would be opened to the Gospel.

-Alex, Josue, and Anderson (Embrace the Beyond Team B)

Ate Angeline

Our first day of ministry work we went house-to-house in our neighborhood. While we were sharing in one particular house we noticed a lady that made her way up to the window to listen. She eventually made her way into the house without saying a word. We finally got her name by the end of sharing The Bridge, but we weren't sure if she was interested in further study. We didn't know when we would see her again.

The next day we went for a follow-up Bible study at the same house from the day before, but she was unavailable. Therefore, we decided to play with the children out in the street. As we were playing, Ate Angeline, the lady from the window, came out from her home with tears in her eyes. She immediately came to us for comfort in the midst of a family crisis. Through our Filipino translator we were able to tell her that God is the great Comforter and He can bring peace through any circumstance. The more we talked with her the more her burden was lifted. She said she had peace in her heart - peace she had never experienced before. This led her to have more questions about the god we were sharing about. She wanted to know more, so we scheduled a Bible study with her the next day.

Two weeks later we are happy to report that Ate Angeline has received Christ, is having multiple Bible studies a week, and is praying for the salvation of her dearest loved ones. Her passion to share everything she has learned is infectious. She tells everyone she knows about Jesus whether they want to hear it or not, and she has started a Bible study with her children every night before they go to bed.

The transformation in Ate Angeline's life has amazed us. She constantly inspires us to be bold and continue sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
This coming week we will be sharing with her about being baptized. Please pray that she will continually be willing to follow the Lord in obedience. We are so excited about her life.

-Sara and Caroline

He Who Goes Before

This week God has been showing me how he has an elaborate plan that started way before we arrived here. One woman, Narim, has had many relationships with team members over the 4 months she has been at the camp. However, I only found out this week that God has been working in her heart for much longer. 

When she was fifteen she had a vision of Jesus and ever since then she has secretly called him her savior. Unfortunately, there were not many Christians in her area to help develop her faith. However, out of a tragedy she was brought to a camp where she has been able to hear the full gospel preached to her. I see now how God has a plan for her life and I feel overwhelmed with joy to be apart of it. 

James was talking to one man and felt called to ask him if he had ever had a dream of a man in white. The refugee was shocked! Over the past few months he has had the same dream three times of a man in white was beaconing for him. Because of the dream, the man's heart was softened and he listened as James told him that the man in white was Jesus.

I see now how God knew all along that each of us would be here this summer. It is amazing to witness how God has already began a work in people's hearts at the camp. 

Please pray that:
•God will continue to guide us to those he has begun a work in
•Narim will grow in her faith and have the courage to share the truth with her family
•James' friend will continue to seek after Jesus

4 Births

Amy holding a newborn!
Earlier this week, we were all feeling a bit discouraged. We had all had several shifts where we saw no births at the clinic. Sure, we were staying busy when we worked during the day with pre-natal and baby checks and such, but we had not seen many births. Being able to help with women in labor was one of the things we were most excited about, so it made us sad that no women were coming in. We discussed our struggles as a a group, and brought it to God in prayer. We asked Him to show us why He had brought us here and  how we could serve Him better. 

The very next day we saw four births! It was a busy day full of excitement and joy. We realized through all of this that God showed us (yet again) that this trip is all about Him. I think we all had our own agendas or expectations whether we meant to or not, but God's agenda is the one that matters. It also showed us that God is faithful and will give us more than we expect if we will only ask Him. There are still hard & slow days, but we will keep trusting the Lord and His promises!

Prayer Requests:
Pray for the midwives & the rest of the Administrators here at Mercy Clinic

Meet the Team: Global City Outreach

L to R: Tyler, Jacob, Byan, James, Andy, Alex, Lauryl, Tessa
Alex is from Mississippi. She is the team leader. Do not be surprised if she asks to pet your dog, she know no strangers.  She is passionate about people and sharing the gospel.

Lauryl is from South Carolina.  Do not be surprised if you catch her talking in different accents, it's a true talent.  She is passionate to share the love that none of us deserve to have!

Andy is from South Carolina.  She has a crazy obsession with Hawkeye (the Avenger). She is most passionate about reaching those that other people overlook.

Tessa is from Ohio. She owns no normal socks and is fluent in sarcasm. She is most excited to learn more about God and herself and see God be glorified.

Jacob is from Mississippi. He likes long walks on the beach and brushing his long locks too many times.  He is most passionate about learning about culture and people because he loves people.

Tyler is from South Mississippi.  He likes spicy food. He is passionate about eating all the food and sharing with others at the same time.

Byan is from South Carolina. He has an old soul.  He has a deep burden for those who have never heard the gospel.

James is from Ohio.  His maturity goes out of the window sometimes.  His main passion is to see the entire nation of Somalia come to Christ.

English Workshop

After meeting back up with Des and Allison a couple of days ago here in BH, Charley and I are excited to begin volunteering at a English workshop at a local university. With 120 students signed up, we are praying for plenty of fruitful conversations. 

We are working with 8 American believers to teach English to these senior English majors. We were assigned to small groups, so each of us is able to form bonds with 8-10 students. After the 5-day program is over, Des, Allison, Charley, and I will begin having conversations with students who we have deemed to be "seekers" and those who are identified as believers. This way, we can join Him in the work He has begun in these students.

Each day after the program ends, we will be having lunch with university staff members in hopes of establishing a long-term relationship. 

Please be praying with us about an English club we will be attending on Wednesday night as we will have an opportunity to meet even more university-aged students. Its our desire that it will lead to more friendships that can open up fruitful conversations.

-Tip of the Spear A & B

Local Gathering

Recently, Charley, Allison, Des and I went a local gathering. Even though the service was conducted in the local language, we were able to enjoy the message because of English translation headphones that were provided. 

All four of us enjoyed singing "It Is Well" with our fellow believers. The children's choir was also there to perform one of their VBS songs!
After the service ended, we tried meeting up with someone who spoke English, and wound up being introduced to the translator.  She gave us a tour of the building, gave us the history of the fellowship, and shared her story with us. Please keep her in your prayers along with her unbelieving husband, and believing daughters.

Tomorrow, Charley and I will travel to BH with Des and Allison to begin meeting some local university students! To hear more about what we did this week, visit Tip of the Spear A's blog.

-Tip of the Spear B


Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves...Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus...He humbled Himself and became obedient to death... - Philippians 2:3, 5, 8

Pray for team members to have an attitude of humility

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Southeast Asia

Keeping our eyes open

During orientation we learned about how God was moving already in the areas we were going to and that there are persons of peace everywhere. Throughout orientation & our first days in the Philippines, we prayed that God would open our eyes to what He was already doing and lead us to the persons of peace. 

During our van ride up to our areas, we continued to pray for these things. One of our translators, S, gets really car sick so she sat in the front next to the driver. About halfway through the ride, the other translator, R, leaned over and told us that S was sharing the Gospel with the driver. We all began to pray for that conversation. R continued to give us small updates and when we finally stopped S told us that the driver was very interested in what she was saying. He was engaged and asking questions and at the end of the ride, he asked how he could ask for forgiveness for his sins. So S told him and led him to Christ.

Pray with us as we continue to seek for persons of peace this summer and are faithful to share with them
Pray for our new brother to find a community of believers in his town

-Riverboat Teams

Rain Check

Our first plan on Monday was to make a trek up into the mountains to visit a village where one person has been dunked within the past week. 

Due to me not feeling well and the rain, which would make the trek challenging, our local contact called an audible and we went to the monkey forest and shared in a few spots there. 

The Lord is sovereign... we ended up meeting 2 young adults who right off the bat confessed and believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God! We asked where they had heard this, never had the Good News shared with them, but rather from their studies in Cousin school! When the Holy Spirit is working, he can use anything! 

Our local contact was taken aback and was filled with great joy as he has never experienced such a response like this! Our father is Faithful, and is responding to your prayers! If we would have gone up into the village as our original plan, we would have not meet these 2 persons of peace. Sovereign! 

We ended the day with breaking fast with an elderly couple who own a store on the side of the street. We were able to share testimonies and the Good News with the couple and they were open... Invited us to come back as well! Through not feeling well, He continues to use us! He is strong in our weakness.

-Joe G. 

Southeast Asian Soccer

Good grief, they can play...
We got invited to play with some guys today and when we got there we found out we were playing with a whole team, coach included! We spent several hours just playing with them and talking some. For us, this was a nice bit of exercise to loosen up our bodies from the travelling and ministering. We thank God for this opportunity and ask that more opportunities to get involved with the people are made available and that we are able to show God's love through those times.

-Alex, Josue, and Anderson (Embrace the Beyond Team B)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sharing the Good News in Village N

This week we spent 3 days in the home village of a local taxi driver, Franciscus, that we have befriended. We got to share our testimonies with him, and other members of the village! We also received permission to show the C2C (Creation 2 Christ) film.... around 20 children and adults were there to watch it! 

Pray for Franciscus, and that we can develop a strong relationship with him, along with other connections we made in the village. 

-Embrace the Beyond Team C

Taking the walk day by day

This week our team was presented many opportunities to share the gospel, leading some to respond with faith in Christ. For the whole week our local church had VBS, and 23 kids surrendered their lives to the Lord. Also, many seeds were planted while driving kids to and from church and to events. It was so cool to see how God is working in the lives of young children and how He gives us understanding of the mystery of His word.
One evening, Noah and Courtney took six high school refugee students to a worship service where one of the teens surrendered his life to the Lord. In our Journey program this week, they were discussing joy, which led this teen to want that joy, the true joy that never fades. They got to share the gospel of grace with one of the other students, as well, who expressed that he wants to be saved but doesn’t feel that he is good enough yet.
Also, another opportunity arose when making a house call to a Pakistani family. The family is Muslim and had many questions about Jesus, God, and the assurance we have in our salvation. They have invited Grace back to further discuss the Bible and why Christians believe the way we do and why we act the way we act. Something I thought was rather awesome was the family did not have hot water for three weeks. So we made calls, getting a hold of no one, so all Grace did was pray that somehow this family could shower. A few hours later a man came to fix the problem. The family was so excited thinking we had done this which really we got a hold of no one. Grace’s response was it was simply God and they found it so interesting that God answered my prayer and wished their god would listen to them like that.

Please keep praying that God would give us open doors to share with all walks of life and that they see that He is actively pursuing them out of His great love for them.


Thai Witness

Som Chai is one of our Christian Thai friends. He walks with us around his neighborhood to meet and talk with people. It is good for the Thai people to actually meet a Thai Christian because then they see that it is okay to be a Christian and that it isn't just a cultural thing. Many Thai won't become Christians because they are afraid of what their families will think. For them to meet a Thai Christian is a huge step. 

Please pray for our team and that we would continue to meet with the Thai people and grow our relationships with them. 
Pray that God would open their hearts to the love that he has poured out for us.