Friday, July 3, 2015

They Got it

The part of this past week that was absolutely amazing happened during a 9 AM Bible study that we only set up with one woman. She told us that she was very Roman Catholic, but basically accepted every religion as truth. What sparked her interest was the 10 commandments. When she realized that the commandments in the Bible were a little different from the ones she learned in church her whole life, she became very interested. 

The next day, we had a Bible study and discussion with her, and then our translator Annie got into a really good conversation with her and her friend who was there as well for about half an hour. Then we said our goodbyes, not knowing what exactly had happened except that she had prayed to receive Christ. I talked with Annie and asked what they had discussed for so long, and what she said blew me away. 
Praising God that "they got it!"

Annie explained that the two women believed in Jesus and believed that they were sinners, but they believed they were condemned to Hell; they thought it was in God’s will. They believed that Jesus died for sins, but that He only died for past sins and not present or future ones. Annie had to explain the Gospel to them four times, but they got it. They understood that their futures didn’t have to be Hell. Their hopelessness was transformed into the truest form of freedom you can have. Because God’s love for us brings hope to the hopeless. I will never forget that moment.


Pray for these 2 ladies... and many other new believers... that they will continue to study and grow in their newfound faith.