Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Transformed Perspective

As our first week in Indonesia winds down, our team has enjoyed being on able to reflect on how quickly our mindsets have transformed in just a few short days. 

Our first few days of orientation and adjustment made us wonder if we would ever truly feel at home here. We were concerned about the language barrier and about trying to find people of peace in such a dark place. 

Our first ministry endeavor trying to meet people on our own (without a translator) quickly made us realize just how scary it can be to try and share the Gospel. We were scared of our inadequacies and that people simply wouldn't be interested in what we were sharing. 

God overcame our fears though and we found a girl who knew English and was excited at the prospect of our friendship. That short but encouraging conversation reminded us how truly faithful God is and that we must pray for courage and boldness in everything we do. 

Please pray for our team as we continue to adjust and as we follow up with new connections that we have made. 
Pray we will never again doubt God's promises and that we will rely on prayer in every situation.
Pray our prayers will never be timid or fearful but that they will be bold and will allow God to show us how truly incredible and sovereign his is each and every day.