Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ballin' for Christ

Our first week in the Philippines, God has been at work! We got to witness to over 200 people within the first few days here! We are staying at a daycare building right by a basketball court where we are able to immerse ourselves in the community and build relationships within the community. Our three translators have been doing an awesome job here helping us to communicate the Gospel effectively. In our first big Bible Study, we got the word out and had over 60 people attend to study the Word of God with us. 

Going house to house sharing the Gospel has been a real awesome experience for the team. We have had awesome moments where we see people encounter Christ for the first time through the message of the Gospel and the amazing things that God is doing through that. Another awesome time was sharing with over 40 people at the basketball court in another barangay (village) where people were responsive to the Gospel.

Please pray for endurance for the team and that we are zealous for the Gospel and we go house to house and playing basketball. 
Please pray that God would tear down the strongholds and build His church in the community we are serving in this month.