Thursday, June 16, 2016

C & C take on SEA

Hey everybody!!

We just wanted to update you on how everything is going here in SE Asia!  Claire and I are so excited to be here in this beautiful country. The locals have been oh so welcoming and an absolute joy to get to know.  I have really loved seeing the old friends I made last year, and introducing them to my pal Claire!

So here's what goin' on!!  A normal day for Claire and I consists of going to one of the six malls in our area and seeking out people of peace to speak Truth to.  Some days are easier than others, but we are so humbled and blessed to be serving our Creator.  The food here is AMAZING, but Claire and I have decided to join our Muslim brothers and sisters in fasting during Ramadan.  Fasting has been difficult at times, but God is using our fasting as a tool to direct conversation toward Him.
We are thankful for your support while we are here! Here are a few things you can be lifting up for us...

Please pray for...
--Sensitivity to the Spirit and boldness when speaking with locals
--the Holy Spirit will work through the language barrier
--Dreams and visions to enter the hearts and minds of the Muslim people during this time of Ramadan
--Lift up our local friend Sitti; she is fearful to make the decision to follow.  Pray that she will one day walk in freedom.

Claire and I are incredibly thankful for this opportunity this summer we are already able to see God working in this country!