Friday, June 10, 2016

Getting Adjusted Part 2: Our Neighbor

A major mosque across the street
I had mentioned how our home is in an ideal location. While I don't retract this statement, one difficulty with our new home has arisen: the mosque right next to us. Everyday, five times a day, Muslims are called to prayer. Leading this time in prayer is a large megaphone speakeron top of the mosque. 

While I am sure we will soon be adjusted to this loud noise, an exception might be the early morning prayer. From 4 to 5AM, a loud prayer rings throughout the streets. While the girls seem miraculously undisturbed by this loud noise, Coty and I have been waking up every morning to it. More important than our sleep however, the call to prayer is a stark reminder that we are in a city of over three million lost souls. In contrast to passages like Revelation 7, where great multitudes are praising God, everyday here in this city people are lifting up their voices to a false god. So yes, pray that we would get sleep so we are well rested for ministry. But more importantly, pray for the people of this city. That they may know the one true God.