Friday, June 10, 2016

God Provides Friends

The Northern Thai Team has had the opportunity to go and worship at a church with other Thai Christians. Krissy was able to share her testimony with them and they really enjoyed that. After that we got to work with their Sunday school kids and play games with them and teach them some English. We had some friends come over on Tuesday so that they could work on their English so that we could build friendships with them. We have had the opportunity to make friends and share the gospel with several people this week. We are going to spend some more time with some of those friends next week. We ask that you would pray for God to just keep their hearts open to the gospel and that He would just give us the words to speak when the opportunity to speak the gospel presents itself. 

We had an amazing time worshipping with at the Thai church. God gave us this opportunity almost immediately. The Thai people loved having us there with them. The man in the second picture is Uncle Sam, he is the pastor at the church we attended, which is also held in his home.

This is "Think" and "Sooki." They came over on Tuesday for their English class. We played Scatagories with them so that they could work on learning more English words. 

We enjoyed teaching English to our friends and we are so thankful that God is allowing us to build friendships with them as well as grow closer to him.