Friday, June 17, 2016

Hearts opening

Its been an amazing couple of weeks here in the Philippines! In our big Bible study, we have consistently had between 40 and 60 people attending and studying the Word of God! Our host councilor here has really warmed up to learning about the Word of God through our team's leading the Bible studies. He has been amazed at the people's desire to learn the Word and came to me and told me that he now wants to start reading the Bible! 

There is also a woman in a cage that we have been meeting with. Her family said that she went crazy a few months ago. As far as we can tell, she is well taken care of and she also has a daughter staying with her grandmother there. She has not been willing to hear the Gospel but has been willing to talk with us, even speaking English. We gave her a Bible and has been willing to go through it with us. She later wrote us a letter and thanked us for being good friends and sharing the Word of God with her and it was just a very touching letter. 
In my time here, I have gotten to share and reconnect with some friends from two years ago. That really gives this place a family touch. Please be praying for the rest of our time here. We are preparing for a sports fest at the schools where we will be sharing the Gospel with many in the communities. Also pray for our team as we are growing and bonding. Everyone brings so much love and dynamic to the group and I believe it really shows in our ministry. God really has blessed us with an awesome team with a heart for the nations and the people here to know Christ.